Why Shop Consignment?

In today’s uncertain economy isn’t it wise to spend less and get more?  Our policy is to offer the best quality items at affordable prices.  Doesn’t that make sense?  Many fashionable women in Vancouver have come to rely on consignment shopping for many reasons. 

You will find unique and designer pieces for a fraction of their original retail price. The Bon Retour takes pride in maintaining a consistent stock of gently used design label clothing and accessories.

You can find fashion that you love and fashion that suits your figure and your needs. You can’t always find flattering styles in retail stores if the current trend doesn’t suit you.
Shopping consignment, you'll find a unique treasure, our stock comes from all over the world.    


Reduce/reuse/recycle.  Ahh, the three R’s. We are all becoming more socially conscious and trying to reduce waste.  Consignment is the ultimate in mindful consumption.  And isn’t it time we added another R to the list. Resale! And don’t forget, your purchases may also be helping someone who needs the extra cash.  The consignor gets paid for items they bring in and they may really need some extra money for an unexpected expense.  You are helping them as well.  We also donate any unsold items to local charities that benefit women in our community. 

Circumstances including retirement from business, weight loss or gain, or life style change  are all are reasons to shop consignment.  Perhaps you’ve just graduated and need an interview outfit, or you are going to a special event but do not want to spend a fortune on an outfit you may only wear once.

Shopping consignment is the right choice for so many reasons.